Introducing TRUCE

almost 2 years agoMay 15, 2019
I love it!!
about 1 year agoFebruary 12, 2020
It is big value to allow companies to enforce their mobile use policy, without the awareness to get tracked and watched at work and at weekends. Not collecting data and store them is a huge advantage. Another challenge is to get the work union convinced, that it is all about safety, safety and again safety.
about 1 year agoFebruary 12, 2020
I am convinced that there is no other way, than regulate how we use our mobile devices while driving or at work environments. Companies in R&D need e.g. TRUCE to limit what application might be available at meetings to avoid recorded confidential information can find its way to the competitor. Similar to: “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”

I personally wish that every Bus-, Taxi- or Truck Driver is limited in what he can use while driving on the road. Of course not less important for the ordinary car drivers.
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